Apply with a "Sponge"

Use a makeup sponge and pick up a small amount of product directly from the foundation compact. If you are using Jira Couture Mineral Loose Powder, pour a small amount of the mineral foundation from the jar into the lid and pick up a small amount of the product from there.

Press down on the powder to load the sponge.

Pat and roll sponge onto skin beginning at the forehead working the product in a downward motion to avoid lines and unevenness.

To thin an area where too much foundation product has been applied, use back of sponge and swirl product out to edges of the skin.

Apply with a "Brush"

Pour a small amount of the Jira Couture Loose Mineral Foundation from the jar into the lid. Use your application brush to pick up the minerals by swirling it around the lid.

Tap off excess so the mineral foundation is not visible on the outside of the brush.

Blend product onto skin by moving the brush in a circular motion starting on the outside of your face near the cheekbones. Continue working product onto the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead until desired level of coverage is achieved. You can use Jira Couture Pressed Foundation with a brush as well.

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